Piano Lessons in Woking

Learn to play piano from a composer with over a decade of experience in teaching music. 

DBS check available on demand.

Dimitri Rastoropov is a St Petersburg Conservatoire graduate, and he has taught hundreds of students in countries across Europe. Dimitri is a composer and musician, and he currently lives in Knaphill and teaches music and piano in Woking, and in the surrounding areas in students’ homes (including Bisley, Brookwood, and Pirbright).

Get in touch by writing to dimitri@rastoropov.co.uk


Very nice and patient Tutor. Always on time and very kind.


My son is really enjoying his lessons with Dimitri. He has only had 2 so far but is excited when Saturday morning approaches
Dimitri is calm and approachable and able to keep our 6 year old engaged for the entire 30 minute session.
I’m looking forward to seeing the progress she makes

He teaches all sorts of piano styles – from classical and jazz to popular music, to students as young as 5 and all adults. Exam preparations are also possible, including ABRSM and Trinity, as are additional music subjects like theory and history.

Please call 07578 448 576 for enquiries

Lessons are also available in other areas in Surrey and for other instruments and musical subjects e.g. guitar, ukulele, etc.

You can also buy lessons online in packs, usually after a trial lesson.

Published on October 21, 2018