Prelude for Piano

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Prelude for Piano is one of my older pieces, which is why I have decided to give it out for free. Having said that, I consider it to be a pretty nice piece, albeit I am somewhat embarassed of its romantic, Tchaikovsky-esque leanings today.

It is quite melodic, has a quite powerful culmination, and overall sounds very impressive even though it is moderately easy to play. It does have some more complicated larger chords and positions that require some practice if you’re not used to things like playing arpeggiated chords, wide hand positions with melodies, and octave playing overall. Like with most piano pieces, it is important to consider dynamics, but they are especially important in this piece, so that the somewhat repetitive nature of the main rhythm doesn’t get too stale for the ears.

Here’s the recording for the piece. It’s not a very high quality one, but it gives you a very good impression of the piece, since it was played by a good pianist. I think it was recorded way back in 2005, so if you record a new one — let me know, I’d be glad to feature it on my site.



Good luck, and if you have any questions about playing the piece, or tips on technique and piano playing — let me know, I’d be glad to answer your questions. Also, if you listened to this piece, played, or liked it — let me know what you think. What does it sound like? What does it remind you of? Any specific moods or feelings that it conveys?


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