Fear and Sound

‘Fear and Sound’ Curatorial Statement

“The initial concept of the show comes from the experience of hearing while feeling fear. Do you remember lying in bed as a child, listening to every crack in the house? Or listening to every noise while walking through an underpass at night? Hearing seems much sharper and even the smallest sound makes an impact on the entire body and mind when we experience fear. But of course, fear manifests itself through sound in a range of ways, as you will see in this show.

Western art, our galleries, and our entire culture has taught us to rely on our intellectual properties as we live our lives, and experiencing the arts: dissect, analyse, rationalise, and you will understand the content of any work. Sound has become an under-looked aspect of our lives—we watch everything, we need to see everything with our eyes—sound played a significantly more important role in our lives before screens, printing presses, and writing arrived. Sound represents something primal, something deeply connected with the animal part of ourselves, rather than the intellectual. Eventually, our hearing has developed from a sense we depended on for survival into a purely communicative and aesthetic sense. But what if we would let go, and let our under-utilised senses fully appreciate what sound does to us instead of experiencing it in a manner we are so used to?

In this show I would like to take you through an array of emotions and feelings caused by sound in its dark, sometimes unpleasant and disturbing qualities by immersing you into a primal experience of sound through a curated collection of sound and video art made by 9 artists from 6 countries. The artists were invited to submit work based on the connection between fear and sound, and the resulting in a diverse show that plays with a range of themes explored within fear and sound, from mystery and darkness, to depression and conflict.”


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