I’m a composer, artist, and music educator. I’m from Latvia, but lived, studied, and worked in a bunch of places all over, from Wales to Russia.

Here’s a random list of the things that I do on a regular or on-and-off sort of basis:

  • Writing contemporary classical music.
  • Writing music for films and video.
  • Doing sound design for film and video.
  • Making sound installations.
  • Teaching composition, guitar, and piano.
  • Writing on a whole range of musical topics.
  • Perform music, as a solo guitarist, or in a band, usually on keyboards.
  • Audio storytelling.
  • Academics, mostly in areas of ethnomusicology, paleomusicology.

Basically I have way too many things that I am interested in, but bit a bit, I progress in all of them. Anyway, have a look at this website (all done by myself, too, yes) and if you like anything — that’s great!

For some reason, if you think that you need my CV, you can find one version of it here:

CV Dimitri Rastoropov

You can listen to and/or buy my music on:



Also, probably Spotify, iTunes, and all that, just search for ‘whatagainst’ or my name.

You can buy scores of my music in my Shop.