10 Feet Under

Sometimes you dig instead of building. Basically this is just two contrasting parts — one very calm and sparse, the other aggressive and forceful. I liked working with the beat, which always uses the same backbone, that adds or subtracts action depending on what’s going on around it. The synths were a lot of fun in this one — I used SONiVOX Twist, and it was hugely flexible and so varied, and I do feel like I haven’t used enough of its capabilities. I think it’s a good listening experience, although looking back at the work, I feel like it has a number of downsides, all of which can be attributed to my laziness.


Since moving to back to Jurmala (Latvia), I have started a small project that explores different districts of Jurmala through field recordings and images. Below is the first one in the series that looks at Dubulti, one of the more urban districts in the city. The recording was made at dawn, capturing the sounds of early birds and commuters.


List of Compositions

2013, ‘L’anneau de Moebius’ (flute, viola, piano) 2012, ‘L’année prochaine…’ (clarinet in B, bass clarinet, 2 violins, 1 viola, 2 cellos, 1 double bass) 2012, Telos (orchestra) 2011, ‘Wind quintet’ (flute, oboe, clarinet in B, French horn, bassoon) 2010, ‘Toccata for piano quintet’ (alto flute, clarinet in B, violin, cello, …

List of Curated Exhibitions

2015, ‘Fear and Sound’ 2015, Elizabeth Hudson – ‘Power Cut’ 2015, Stuart Haffenden – ‘Weather Systems’ 2014, Bocs Celf Members Exhibition 2014, Seven Traces Contemporary Arts Festival 2014, Natasha Brooks – ‘Collectivity’ 2014, Patrick Queen – ‘May We Find the Language’ 2014, Rebecca F Hardy – ‘neuroanatomy’ 2014, Mr Kobo …

Fear and Sound

‘Fear and Sound’ Curatorial Statement “The initial concept of the show comes from the experience of hearing while feeling fear. Do you remember lying in bed as a child, listening to every crack in the house? Or listening to every noise while walking through an underpass at night? Hearing seems …